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American Nationals 2014 – Carlson Gracie Team Wrap-up

Weekend Recap: Another IBJJF American Nationals championship comes to a close. I am so glad the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation decided not to move this event elsewhere in the country as rumored last year. This has long been one of my favorite events of the year and we always get to see breakthroughs for our students here. Also this is by far the most professionally run event that I have ever experienced to date everything was on time and smooth. Great job by all.

Day 1: I just had a really off day, I couldn’t seem to get anything going. Even in the first round win I felt like a fish out of water. Sometimes it happens. I want to congratulate Professor Joao “Johnny” Paulo Faria for handing me the most one sided loss I’ve had in a long time. He played the perfect strategy against me and I never got to pull the trigger on anything, You’re tough as hell and I look forward to facing you in the future.

Day 2: People often don’t realize Jiu-Jitsu is 90% Mental. Today I felt more focused and centered. I was fortunate enough to submit all my opponents and in my last two matches I pulled off back to back Baratoplatas, something I’ve never attempted in competition. As a result I was able to finish the weekend with a silver and two gold coffee coasters, becoming an 11 time American National winner.

I’m really enjoying my first year at Black Belt, I’m finding that most of my opponents have been Black Belts longer than I’ve been training and have such vast Experience. I really look up to them. I welcome all the lessons I’m learning just by being […]

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Sensei Jesse Jones

It’s difficult to make this announcement. Last night (Sunday) we lost a family member from the school. Sensei Jesse Jones has been with us from the very beginning. There are so many people who’s lives are better for having met this amazing man. Myself being one of them. I always looked up to him and respected how he carried himself with honor and dignity. A hard but compassionate person that became a very close friend. Master Jones was the epitome of martial arts and a genuinely good man. Many times he would show up at the academy in the off hours just to make sure we were all ok, he was always early, and would go out of his way to make the experience of living the martial arts a great one for everyone. Many times he would pull money out of his own pocket to pay for a student’s registration or a certification, he would buy team jackets for them, it goes on and on. It’s important for everyone to know, that he wouldn’t want anyone to be sad. Master Jones was doing exactly what he and his family loved, and I had some talks over the past few years with him when he lost his wife. He told me that he chose to honor her memory by celebrating life and when his time came he would want the same from those close to him. We actually took a group of students and went to his tournament yesterday, the California State Games in San Diego where he was the Grand Marshall. I can assure nothing made Master Jones happier than sharing martial arts and seeing his students participate, so yesterday was very special […]

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Clark Gracie – 2013 Pan Champion

Many of you may have heard that Clark Gracie won in his division last week at the 2013 IBJJF Pan Tournament. The victory was incredible and Clark deserved it after putting in countless hours of hard work really turning up his competition training over the past year. Clark was able to secure a choke in the last minute of the match to put Marcelo Mafra to sleep and win the tournament. We are all very proud of Clark and welcome his return to teaching on Thursday, April 4th at 6:15.  Clark’s final match can be seen below:

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