The Team Cleans Up The Southbay Again!

July 28th –

Over the past few years, the Carlson Gracie Team from Temecula has been dominating their divisions at the South Bay Open, The team turned out another amazing performance this year as many of our students enjoyed their first competition outing. Our Brother from Carlson Gracie Guam, Ian Santos went into his first tournament and landed a quick armbar from the guard and finished his division with Silver for the day. Johnathan Flores claimed his first gold medal in Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu competition, Malcolm Braniff had a great time in his first event as well and took home a Silver Medal.¬†“I’m definitley doing this again, it was so much fun!”¬†States Malcom, Nikko Tunsen also won his first Gold Medal and looked like a pro, scoring some of his wins with numbers like 21-0 on his opponents. Sam Sherrill entered his first Blue Belt event and fought very well in the same division as a couple of Blue Belt world champs. Adelita McGrath won gold in her bracket. Lance Cacanindin broke into Blue Belt gold with a shut out in his bracket and displayed some awesome technique and Tom Cronin grabbed a Silver for his first outing at Brown Belt at the Middleweight adult division. see our gallery for some images of the team at the South Bay Open.

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