Our annual Temecula Shootout (gi tournament) is coming and will be held on January 11th. Weigh-ins will be held the day before (January 10th) from 10 am – 8 pm, and also on the 11th starting at 8 am. The first divisions will begin at 9 am and registration will close at 11:59pm on Thursday night, January 9th. 

Temecula Shootout Rules:

1.    Cleanliness: Please come to the tournament with properly trimmed finger and toenails, and clean gi’s.  Anyone infected with the following will not be allowed to participate: ringworm, impetigo, cold sores, staph, or any other viral infection. 2.    Referees have ultimate say in all situations and all decisions are final. 3.    Slamming is not permitted. Throws and takedowns are not considered slamming, but must be performed safely. 4.    Competitors must show control for three seconds before being awarded points for advancement. 5.    Wrist locks are not legal at the White Belt or children’s levels. Wrist locks can be performed by Adult Blue Belts and up. 6.    Penalties will be given for the following: stalling, covering of the mouth/smothering, face-smashing.  1st offense will result in a warning, 2nd offense will be 2 point deduction, 3rd offense will be 3 point reduction, and 4th will be disqualification. 7.    Illegal Techniques, grounds for disqualification: Compression locks (Black/Brown permitted), reaping the knee, dangerous throws or slams, or fleeing out of bounds to avoid submission. 8.    Leg Locks: Straight Ankle Locks ONLY in all divisions except Brown/Black.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please contact Tom Cronin with any questions:

Tom Cronin – 951-837-9685 – tomcronininc@gmail.com

Weight Classes:

Microsoft Word - tabela2-lbs.doc