Sensei Jesse Jones

It’s difficult to make this announcement. Last night (Sunday) we lost a family member from the school. Sensei Jesse Jones has been with us from the very beginning. There are so many people who’s lives are better for having met this amazing man. Myself being one of them. I always looked up to him and respected how he carried himself with honor and dignity. A hard but compassionate person that became a very close friend. Master Jones was the epitome of martial arts and a genuinely good man. Many times he would show up at the academy in the off hours just to make sure we were all ok, he was always early, and would go out of his way to make the experience of living the martial arts a great one for everyone. Many times he would pull money out of his own pocket to pay for a student’s registration or a certification, he would buy team jackets for them, it goes on and on. It’s important for everyone to know, that he wouldn’t want anyone to be sad. Master Jones was doing exactly what he and his family loved, and I had some talks over the past few years with him when he lost his wife. He told me that he chose to honor her memory by celebrating life and when his time came he would want the same from those close to him. We actually took a group of students and went to his tournament yesterday, the California State Games in San Diego where he was the Grand Marshall. I can assure nothing made Master Jones happier than sharing martial arts and seeing his students participate, so yesterday was very special to be there with him on last day of the event. As to what happened, his daughter shared that he came home, said he had a wonderful day, relaxed to a nice meal and glass of wine and went to bed happy. We will keep everyone posted for the details of his service. For anyone that wants to send condolences to his family the address is:

Nicole Jones
38548 Falkirk Dr.
Murrieta, CA 92563

Honestly he would want more than anything, for the students to participate in, learn from and compete for the Judo program, which continues uninterrupted. This is the foundation that he has left behind for us. Sensei Jones was a red belt, a 9th Dan the highest ranking Judo master in the country. He was also a master coach and former head of the USJA. Lets honor his legacy. Thank you Jesse, for everything my friend. You’re already sorely missed. – Tom Cronin.

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