Master Carlson Gracie Junior

There is no single person more versed in the teachings of Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu than the grandmaster’s one and only son, Carlson Gracie Jr. Often regarded in circles as “Junior”. Carlson Jr. began training under his father at the age of 3 in Brazil and in his life has accomplished a great deal. Carlson is a multiple time Brazilian champion, Greco roman champion, Black Belt in Judo, & 5th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Some of his extraordinary early accomplishments were being voted the “best Purple Belt” in all of Brazil, and having won his first blackbelt competition right out of the gate.

Carlson Jr. competed the world over successfully in all manners of combat including Vale Tudo. He received acclaim from his peers such as Carlos Gracie Sr. and the Federation of Brazil for his ability to compete and also teach. In 2008, Carlson Jr. opened his own school in Southern California called the “Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Team”. Based in the Murrieta / Temecula area, the school serves as the headquarters of the Carlson Gracie Federation and in its short time has begun producing champions under Jr’s. Teachings. In addition, the school has served as an anchor to help bring the Carlson Gracie Team back together as an organization, with a resurgence of success in competition.

In March of 2009’ The team won the prestigious novice division title and also took 2nd place in the Masters Black Belt divisions at the Pan American Jiu-Jitsu championships, signaling a new era for the team with Carlson’s school serving as a springboard to further organize his Federation and continue his father’s tradition. Carlson splits his time teaching here while traveling to Chicago, IL to continue teaching at the school where he and his father enjoyed their time. He also travels the world as a leading authority on self defense giving seminars to military, police forces and self defense courses to the public. The future is bright for the Carlson Gracie Team.

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