Master Carlson Gracie Junior Returns to Temecula

group outside
This Saturday, students were excited to get on the mat with our Master, Carlson Gracie Jr. for a family day of pictures, techniques and promotions. As is customary with such visits, Carlson showed techniques that were very simple to integrate yet effective when used on an opponent. The end of the training session many students received stripes and a few new Belts change colors.

The following students were promoted to the next level.

Mathew Ruiz – Yellow Belt

Angel Ruiz Castillo – Blue Belt

Justin Hardin – Blue Belt

Davis Son – Purple Belt

Sean Ruiz – Black Belt.

Congratulations to all the families that made it out and to the students that continue down their path of progressing in the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with us. Thank you very much! Carlson Gracie Team.


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