At Carlson Gracie Temecula, we train big! Students enjoy a huge 2,000 square foot area with  top of the line Swain Dollamur mats to roll on. The mats are sealed to promote good hygiene and soft enough for our Judo classes. We host large seminars, training camps, tournaments and birthday parties. The school is plenty large enough to accommodate the crowds. We also have a lounge area for students and parents to relax and enjoy videos.

Next door is where we train a lot of our team for conditioning at Icon Sports performance which is home to some of the world’s top professional athletes. Charles Dao trains many competitors for the X-games, Motorcross and Pro Mixed Martial Arts. The combined resources of our team make everything available to you from Academy style training to fitness, yoga & sports injury rehabilitation. For full details on the additional activities offered at our nearly 10,000 square foot facility see www.iconsportsalliance.com.


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