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Open Mat Training Video

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Sensei Jesse Jones

It’s difficult to make this announcement. Last night (Sunday) we lost a family member from the school. Sensei Jesse Jones has been with us from the very beginning. There are so many people who’s lives are better for having met this amazing man. Myself being one of them. I always looked up to him and respected how he carried himself with honor and dignity. A hard but compassionate person that became a very close friend. Master Jones was the epitome of martial arts and a genuinely good man. Many times he would show up at the academy in the off hours just to make sure we were all ok, he was always early, and would go out of his way to make the experience of living the martial arts a great one for everyone. Many times he would pull money out of his own pocket to pay for a student’s registration or a certification, he would buy team jackets for them, it goes on and on. It’s important for everyone to know, that he wouldn’t want anyone to be sad. Master Jones was doing exactly what he and his family loved, and I had some talks over the past few years with him when he lost his wife. He told me that he chose to honor her memory by celebrating life and when his time came he would want the same from those close to him. We actually took a group of students and went to his tournament yesterday, the California State Games in San Diego where he was the Grand Marshall. I can assure nothing made Master Jones happier than sharing martial arts and seeing his students participate, so yesterday was very special […]

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Interview with Red Belt Carley Gracie at BudoVideos.com

Check it out!

Carley Gracie comes to Carlson Gracie Temecula

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Gracie Super Seminar

On December 17th, Carlson Gracie Temecula will be hosting a once in a lifetime seminar featuring Carly Gracie, Carlson Gracie Jr., Clark Gracie and Ralston Gracie.

Start time is 6:30 pm.

Cost is $110 online and $120 at the door. SPACE IS LIMITED!! Please pay via PayPay below:

(The attendee will need to know the name on the Paypal account if different than their own)

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Competition Weekend: Las Vegas Summer Open and Grappling X

This past weekend the Carlson Gracie Team fielded competitors in a couple of different events. On Saturday Team members Paul Silva (Black Belt Instructor, San Diego), Tom Cronin, (Brown Belt Instructor, Temecula) & David Son (Purple Belt, Temecula) competed in the IBJJF Las Vegas Open with Paul bringing home a Gold and a Silver Medal and Tom earning a Gold medal. On Sunday Temecula students Kyler Phillips (Purple Belt) and Diego Vasquez (White Belt) ventured down to San Diego to jump in the Grappling X Nogi event. Kyler Submitted his opponent in the advanced division via toehold & Diego submitted his in the intermediate with a rear naked choke. Great Job team!

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Master Carlson Gracie Junior Returns to Temecula

This Saturday, students were excited to get on the mat with our Master, Carlson Gracie Jr. for a family day of pictures, techniques and promotions. As is customary with such visits, Carlson showed techniques that were very simple to integrate yet effective when used on an opponent. The end of the training session many students received stripes and a few new Belts change colors.
The following students were promoted to the next level.

Mathew Ruiz – Yellow Belt

Angel Ruiz Castillo – Blue Belt

Justin Hardin – Blue Belt

Davis Son – Purple Belt

Sean Ruiz – Black Belt.

Congratulations to all the families that made it out and to the students that continue down their path of progressing in the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with us. Thank you very much! Carlson Gracie Team.


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Instructor Tino Martinez Featured on USCombatSports.com

We’d like to send a big shout out to everybody’s favorite resident punisher; Black Belt instructor Tino Martinez. He was interviewed, and is being featured by USCombatSports.com, showing his experience using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in law enforcement during his career working for the US Border Patrol. Thank you to Monta Wiley for writing this article.

Tino teaches classes every Monday night at 6:15, and is almost always available to tear you apart piece by piece when requested…and when not requested!

See the article here: USCombatSports.com

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Welcome Christian Grandi – Seminar on Saturday, May 23rd

We are very excited to have Christian Grandi for a special seminar this Saturday at Carlson Gracie Temecula. Christian is an original Carlson Gracie Senior black belt, and teaches at his own Carlson Gracie Academy on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Christian was personally trained and promoted to black belt by Carlson Gracie Sr. of the Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He trained and competed under Carlson Gracie Senior for 14 years, and then continued his training with Carlson Gracie Jr. when the great Master, Carlson Gracie Sr,  passed on.

Christian taught at Carlson Gracie Temecula before moving to Hawaii, and many of our newer students have not had the honor and privilege of learning some of the best techniques and fundamental principles that come from a Carlson Gracie Senior black belt. This is not one that you want to miss!

Seminar is at 1:00 PM on May 23, 2013.

Cost is $40.

See you there!

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Attention Carlson Gracie Families!

We’ve been very lucky to be in the Temecula / Murrieta Valley for several years now and share the benefits of Jiu-Jitsu with so many people. A lot of new friends have been made and lives have improved. We have a very large training facility compared to many academies and the years of constant training have taken their toll on the place. There are holes in the walls, some cuts in the mats and some electrical work that has to happen. It is the goal of this school to bring out the best in the students, with that in mind we have created a donation page on our website: www.carlsongracietemecula.com/donations/

We want to continue bringing the best instructors, training, tournaments & seminars to the school and this your chance to help! By making a donation of any amount, you will be contributing directly to not only repairs but also improving your school. Some of the exciting upgrades taking place this year are the installation of a permanent timer, wall mats, mirrors and a new water system. With enough help we can enjoy these improvements faster.

Thank you for including us in your journey!

Carlson Gracie Temecula.

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